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Waterpod™ is fiscally sponsored by Action Arts League, a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization.

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Waterpod™ is a not-for-profit project and actively supports organizations that provide in-kind goods or services, supplying signage, acknowledgements, and other emoluments based on contribution level.

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Waterpod™ is a floating, sculptural, eco-habitat designed for the rising tides. It launched in the summer of 2009, navigate down the East River, explore the waters of New York Harbor, docking at several Manhattan piers on the Hudson River before continuing onward. The Waterpod™ demonstrates future pathways for water -based innovations. As a sustainable, navigable living space, the Waterpod™ showcases the critical importance of the environment and art, serving as a model for new living, d.i.y. technologies, art, and dialogue. It illustrates positive interactions between communities: public and private; artistic and social; aquatic and terrestrial while exploring the cultural richness of New York's five boroughs and beyond. The Waterpod™ embodies self-sufficiency and resourcefulness, learning and curiosity, human expression and creative exploration. With this project, we hope to encourage growth and progress as we visualize the future. Through its dilatory, watery peregrinations, the Waterpod intends to prepare, inform, inspire, provoke, and fortify humanity for tomorrow's exterior explorations.

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We will CELEBRATE the closing of our amazing four-month journey with "Future of Mobility, Urbanity, and Water(pods)" at the World's Fair Marina Pier 1 in Flushing, Queens from September 24 - 27th with FREE events all day and night. All ages welcome. (In the future, we will be better able to control the weather, but until then, bring your raincoats on Sunday!)

On Sunday September 27th we will conclude with an all day I REMEMBER FUTURE goodbye Waterpod™ party from 11 am - 11 pm in conjunction with the Queens Museum of Art, featuring Natalie Jeremijenko's Environmental Response Systems, a sea sound and film installation curated by Lauren Rosati, "Ascend" a pirate television broadcast/ planetarium installation by artist James Case Leal, and DJ Trent from WFMU.

LIVE PERFORMANCES by Black Swan Green and MNDR, with Waterpod™ inspired drinks and memorabilia for sale.

COME AND PARTY LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW on the Waterpod's final night 8 pm - 11 pm, FREE ALL AGES.

TROLLEY SERVICE from the Queens Museum of Art to the Waterpod on Sunday September 27th, starting at Noon from Willets Point Avenue and going until 6 pm. The trolley will be making a loop from Willets Point/Citifield, Waterpod™, and the Museum continuously between 12-6pm (last leg leaves Waterpod™ for QMA at 5:45 pm, then QMA at 6pm for the subway). You can catch the trolley on Roosevelt Avenue immediately underneath the elevated 7 train stop. OR if driving come to museum first, and then you can either drive or take the trolley to Waterpod™.


James Case Leal and Waterpod™
James Case Leal's radio tower sculptures have been quietly living in the Waterpod™'s garden. At sundown (approximately 6:45 PM) on Sunday, September 27 they will come to life to broadcast a pirated analog television signal to the surrounding area. It is an exploration of community, spirituality, and reuse that aims to reclaim and recycle these invisible commons.

Onboard Waterpod™, the broadcast will be projected into the geodesic dome, transforming it into a planetarium. The film offers a view of New York City with its inhabitants ascending upwards into heaven as a reminder that we are always ascending and that we all ascend together >>

This artist residency was organized in collaboration with Montreal’s Occurrence Gallery who also invited 10 other artists on the Waterpod™ from June to September: Rodney Latourelle, Marc Dulude, Lynne Marsh, Diane Borsato, Sylvie Cotton, Isabelle Hayeur, Jean-Pierre Bourgault (in co-production with Avatar), Frederique Saïa, Kate Greenslade and BGL. These artists were curated by artists and co-curators Ève K. Tremblay, Mary Mattingly and Jean-Michel Ross with the participation of Canada Council for the Arts and Délégations du Québec in NYC. All the artists, as well as the artist-curators Ève K. Tremblay and Mary Mattingly, will show in September 2010 at Occurence Gallery >>

Waterpod™ Waterpod™


We will celebrate the closing of our amazing four-month journey with "Future of Mobility, Urbanity, and Water(pods)" at the Worlds Fair Marina in Flushing, Queens from September 24 - 27th. We will conclude with an all day "I Remember Future" last days of Waterpod party in conjunction with the Queens Museum of Art, featuring Natalie Jeremijenko's Environmental Response Systems, a sound installation curated by Lauren Rosati, "Ascend" a pirate television broadcast/ planetarium installation by artist James Case Leal. Live performances by DJ Trent from WFMU, Black Swan Green and MNDR

Saturday, September 26

1 PM Christopher Robbins & Douglas Paulson: Jerry-Rigging 101: Build your own boat from urban detritus / Knot tying (bring stuff that might float)
2 PM - 5 PM Artist Hector Canonge's (website) Latitude S. public workshop. Media projections at 7pm
3 PM Secret School and the K.I.D.S. (website) host a "Wild Tea Party": A workshop on making jam and tea from foraged wild edible fruit
4 PM Lecture with Terreform (website) founders Maria Aiolova and Mitchell Joachim discusing The Future of the Carborexic City
6 PM - 8 PM Jérémie Gindre and Frédéric Post, special art ceremony in-progress sculpture with sound performance, co-curated by Espace Kugler

Sunday, September 27
11 AM - 11 PM "I Remember Future": All day Goodbye Waterpod™ Party in conjunction with the Queens Museum of Art (Trolley Service from QMA to Waterpod™)
All Day: Eve K. Tremblay, artist partner and co-curator of the Waterpod will be presenting her slide show .: The Formation, Evolution, Anatomy & Behaviors of the Water Pod` in the cabin where she lived (, and David B. Smith, Artist-in-Residence, will be presenting The Waves, Three channel sound installation, 2009, in the Artist-in-Residence cabin.
12 PM Barbara Flanagan (website) talks about the future of water and her new book Flanagan’s Smart Home: 98 Essentials for Starting Out, Starting Over, or Scaling Back. (Workman, 2009) lecture and book signing
1 PM Christopher Robbins & Ian Warren: Making portable gardens, cereal banks (D.I.Y. protectionism) and food preservation
3 PM Cassie Thornton presents Barter System Beauty Salon: Get your palm read and your nails did
4 PM Natalie Jeremijenko's Environmental Response Systems
6 PM - 8 PM Lauren Rosati organizes an evening of sound, scurvy, and sea vessels with artist Dylan Gauthier and artist David Gatten
4 PM - 11 PM James Case Leal's Ascend Planetarium video installation in the great dome and broadcast installation at the Queens Museum of Art
8 PM - 11 PM DJ Trent of WFMU
9 PM - 11 PM Live performances by Black Swan Green and MNDR


This series of hands on workshops will help you thrive in New York City after the sea levels have risen, including How to build your own boat from urban detritus, Waterborn edibles in NYC, Making portable gardens, How to make a solar cooker, Setting up cereal banks (D.I.Y. protectionism), Jerry-rigging 101, and basic mechanics. These are all hands-on workshops using scavenged materials. All work-shops are safe for children and adults, and no experience is necessary.

You might get wet, you will get dirty, and you will do what you need to do to thrive and survive in this neodiluvian age ahead.

Sunday, September 20, 1PM - onboard Waterpod™ @ Queens World Fair Marina
Christopher Robbins & Matt Bua
-Waterborn edibles in New York / Build a solar cooker

Saturday, Seprember 26, 1PM - onboard Waterpod™ @ Queens World Fair Marina
Christopher Robbins & Douglas Paulson
-Jerry-rigging 101: Build your own boat from urban detritus / Knot tying
-bring stuff that might float

Sunday, September 27, 1PM - onboard Waterpod™ @ Queens World Fair Marina
Christopher Robbins & Ian Warren
-Making portable gardens, cereal banks (D.I.Y. protectionism) and food preservation

Workshops topics subject to change instantly, unexpectedly and irrevocably. It's a wild wonderful world out there on the water >>

Saturday, September. 26th 6 - 8 PM: Jérémie Gindre and Frédéric Post, US debut, special showcase and sound performance, ceremony and lecture, as well as a work in progress sculpture, co-curated by Espace Kugler (Geneva/Switzerland), with financial help of PRO HELVETIA

Frédéric Post: An experimental, electronic sound performance with hand-made vinyl records.
Jérémie Gindre: You Will Be Seeing Unusual Accomplishment
Jérémie Gindre will sculpt a replica of the Coral Castle onboard Waterpod™ on Thursday, September 24, Friday September 25 and Saturday, September 26. Coral Castle is a stone structure created between 1928 and 1951by the Latvian-American eccentric Edward Leedskalnin, North of the city of Homestead, Florida. The structure is comprised of numerous megalithic stones (mostly limestone, formed from coral), each weighing several tons. The Coral Castle is considered very mysterious because it is said that one man assembled the entire structure, working alone nightly over 28 years. The whole story will be told Saturday, September 27, at 7 pm. During this ceremony, the Coral Castle will be flown into the river >>




In celebration of Waterpod's last week, and its docking at the Queens' historical marina, LATITUDE . S constitutes a site specific performance (Friday, Sept 25) where the artist Hector Canonge, wearing an environmental suit, will be at Flushing Meadows Park inviting people of the community of Queens to participate in a visual workshop onboard Waterpod™ (Sat. Sept 26) where they will build, draw, and sketch their versions of Utopic worlds, imagined cities, villages of hope, and sustainable environments using eco-friendly materials. The project culminates with an evening outdoor live projection (Sat. Sept 26) where narratives based on the writings of Latin American authors exploring Utopias are mixed with real time people's presence while visiting the Pod >>

Dylan Gauthier, formerly of Empty Vessel Project and currently of Mare Liberum, will bring several boats from his fleet of Liberum Dories to the Waterpod and give a presentation on floating cities, art and the sea, and sustainable aquatic travel. The Free Seas / Mare Liberum is a freeform publishing, boatbuilding and waterfront art collective, based in the Gowanus, Brooklyn. Finding its roots in centuries-old stories of urban water squatters and haphazard water craft builders, Mare Liberum is a collaborative exploration of what it takes to make viable aquatic craft as an alternative to life on land. The project draws from sources as diverse as ocean-crossing raft assemblages, improvised refugee boats built in Senegal and Cuba, and modern stitch-and-ply construction methods which make complex, classic boat designs approachable by novice builders.

A screening of What the Water Said, Nos. 1 - 3 by David Gatten in the Waterpod dome. The result of a series of camera-less collaborations between the filmmaker, the Atlantic Ocean, and a crab trap. For three days in January and three days in October of 1997, and again, for a day, in August of 1998, lengths of unexposed, undeveloped film were soaked in a crab cage on a South Carolina beach. Both the sound and image are the result of the ensuing oceanic inscriptions written directly into the emulsion of the film as it was buffeted by the salt water, sand, rocks and shells.

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